Technology Touching Lives™

CliniLinc has developed unique core software with a modular Infrastructure which is highly flexible and capable of integrating with a hospital’s and health system’s applications.

The CliniLinc software solution, built on a Microsoft platform, has uniquely developed plug-in architecture, allowing hospitals or system integrators to add, modify or build their own applications with ease at a fraction of the normal cost. The specially designed software is flexible, modular, future proofed and scalable and can work on almost any portal such as terminal, mobile phone, tablet and TV sets.

CliniLinc provides and delivers advanced and innovative health and medical information and technology services to healthcare facilities and providers worldwide. CliniLinc understands that the solutions requirements for healthcare today are increasingly sophisticated, dynamic and mission-critical. CliniLinc’s Executive and Senior Management team is distinctive in this sector and is made up of experienced healthcare experts and specialists.

CliniLinc’s emphasis is addressing both current and future clinical requirements necessary to deliver cost efficient and effective healthcare services and improving patient clinical outcomes, safety and costs while providing exceptional patient engagement and entertainment.

CliniLinc has developed global software solutions to enable secure and reliable information, communications and multimedia to be converged and accessed from a single point, placing the patient at the center of care.