Solutions - Patients

The CliniLinc PCS Software Technology - Enhancing Patient Care

Patients can enjoy a personalized 'home from home experience' via the CliniLinc PCS range of multimedia entertainment, communication, education and information services directly at their bedside.

This includes the latest in on-demand digital entertainment, including TV, Movies on Demand, Hi-speed Internet Access, Gaming applications, Phone, Video Conference and Medical/Hospital Information and Services - all fully available via interactive, touch screen terminals at the point of care.

Designed to enhance the patient experience, CliniLinc PCS meets the increasing demand from healthcare providers for communication, education and entertainment solutions for patients and their families.

Summary of features and benefits of CliniLinc PCS to Patients:

  • Digital, multimedia entertainment facilities - fully interactive and customisable
  • Communication Services, including phone, Internet, Video Conferencing
  • Educational and Information Services - Medical and Hospital Information
  • Configurable Patient Surveys
  • Patient Invoicing/Account Information
  • Meal ordering, Dietary Management