Solutions - Hospitals

Our Customer Base Expands Over Three Continents

CliniLinc provides bedside computer terminals allowing access to the clinical staff as well as multimedia & information services to engage patients with health education and entertainment.

Designed to enhance the overall clinical and patient care experience, the CliniLinc PCS System also meets increasing demands to provide hospital management teams with an integrated, secure medical solution that reduces risk, improves workflow and creates superior operational performance. Significant financial savings and efficiencies can be achieved through improved medication management, reduced wastage, co-ordinated staff planning and greater visibility of potential risks.

Additionally, a unique overriding feature of the CliniLinc PCS Software Technology is the facility for the hospital to fully customise the patient interface (screen look) via the CliniLinc PCS Management software, thus creating individual patient profile groups. As healthcare technology is rapidly emerging, CliniLinc PCS Technology is able to provide a ‘future proof’ system that delivers on all fronts - improved clinical and patient care and a significant return on investment.

Summary of features and benefits of CliniLinc PCS to Hospital Management Teams:

  • "Future proof" touch screen technology
  • Integrated Multimedia Entertainment, Communication, Education
  • Secure integrated access to Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) at the bedside
  • Customizable patient interface
  • Medication Management and Inventory Control
  • Electronic Dietary/Meal Management
  • Workflow Integration
  • HIS Reporting/Surveys
  • Billing/Invoicing Solutions
  • Data Security
  • Enhanced Risk Management
  • Measured Return on Investment